Worship Amber - Double Dick Date - Brat Girls

Added: 30-06-2021

Tonight's the night that we're going on our double date, and I couldn't be more excited!!!! Obviously I get the hotter alpha male, but yours is cute too! LOL Are you even ready yet? They're picking us up ANY minute and you're NOT wearing that cutesy outfit I picked our for you..... GO CHANGE NOW!!!!
That's better.... so you remember what I taught you? UGHHH...... okay, let me REFRESH your memory. I DONT want you to EMBARRASS ME! I found you the PERFECT match, so it's important that you make a good impression. No, he's not into ugly LOSERS... but if you make yourself look more attractive by wearing that pink frilly dress and some lip gloss he will TOTALLY let you suck his dick!
You obviously will look ugly sitting next to me, but if you act really slutty and desperate and suck his dick how I showed you, then it will be a SUPER fun night... and maybe we can do it more often! LOL
NOW, watch me and do as I tell you to, I want those dick sucking lips to be prepared for such a BIG COCK! I'll show you how to be sexy so you can get lucky at the end of the night! hahaha

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