Humiliation POV - Brainjacked Remix 2 - Pinknotized - Brainwash

Added: 02-07-2021

Princess Miki!
You fucking perverts Loved 'Brainjacked'! You love being a stupid horny jerking gooner for Princess Miki and her sexy ahegao face. You're such a fucking perv! But you need more so we've got a completely remixed version for you that will leave you mindless and drooling. We know you're a Princess Miki addict, you need to buy everything she makes, and we've made this clip even hotter by making it Pink!!! Her outfit is pink, her hair is pink, and even her eyes are pink which makes her sexy ahegao face even hotter. When you stare into her sexy pink eyes, your mind will go blank as you goon to her ahegao face over and over and over again. There is nothing fucking hotter than Princess Miki's pink ahegao face, with her piercing pink eyes. But the color is hardly the only enhancement. The visual has been completely remixed as well with new subliminal messages and a new background that makes the pink 'pop' on your screen! You will be completely pinknotized by her. The audio has been completely remixed as well! In addition to the background beat and ear to ear subliminal triggers, Princess Miki has added a voice track that will literally echo in your ears, encouraging you to goon endlessly for her. If you loved 'Brainjacked', you Need this clip. You need it in blue, you need it in pink, you need to experience it over and over again. You need to be Brainjacked! (Listen to this clip with headphones to truly experience all the audio mindfuckery.)
Once you see her pink eyes and her ahegao face, your mind will instantly melt and you will become her helpless jerk junkie. Princess Miki will program you and turn you into her gooning drone. There is no escape from this. You will become so lost, so deep under her spell, that you won't want it to ever end. You love slipping into that goon state and losing all track of time and space. And once you slip deep down into her gooning trance, Princess Miki will relentlessly encourage you to become her gooning puppet. Prepare to be Brainjacked again and again. I know from the preview alone your cock is already twitching and you know you need this clip. You need to be controlled by the Perfect Pink Princess Miki again and again!
Say goodbye to your brain pervert. I own your brain now. I don't even have to say a word, my body and my face alone will destroy you and turn you into my gooning junkie. Just jerk away your brain and go completely bråindeåd. You're such a fucking pervert. And perverts like you deserve to be mindfucked and ruined. Goon your brains out pervert, while I bråinwash you and leave you completely helpless. Pump that perverted dick while I brainfuck you. You're so fucked. You won't be able to stop jerking to me. Just edge your brain away you stupid pumping pervert. Goon for me while I fuck your brain. I know you can't stop. You're being brainjacked. I'm going to brainfuck you while you goon your brains out to me, idiot. I know you have no self control so I'm going to crawl into your brain and reprogram you into my mindless little drone. Jerk your brain away, you stupid little goonning pervert while I fuck your brain.

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