Natashas Bedroom - Surrender To Me - Brainwash

Added: 03-07-2021

There's power in submission. Strength in weakness. Pleasure in becoming a slave. I know you're scared of taking the plunge, of surrendering yourself entirely to me, but there's no reason to be afraid. It's okay to let go. It's okay to be weak. You'll be safe in my hands. Letting go is easier than you think. Take a deep breath, look into my eyes, and surrender to me.
Your cock is hard and your mind is empty. It's a blank slate waiting to be filled. Look into my eyes. Do you trust me? You nod your head. I'm so sweetly gentle, my words dripping like honey, and so seductively teasing, with my hard nipples and shiny stockings, that you can't help but trust me. The part of your brain that's capable of saying "no" has been silenced.
You are my slave now. You're under my control, and I'm here to show you the bliss of total submission. When you're with me, your weakness is your greatest strength. The weaker you are, the more valuable you become, and I'm going to make you so very valuable. Now, will you obey me? You nod your head. Will you adore me? You nod your head. It's so very easy to be my slave.
I've opened the floodgates of your submissive desires, and there's no resistance left within you. This state of surrender is what you've always craved. And now that you're deep in the sub zone, you're discovering all the pleasure that obedience can bring. Look into my eyes. You WILL be my good boy. Your cock hardens as I whisper the words. You ARE My good boy.

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