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Added: 03-07-2021

This is your sex life. HumiliationPOV is your sex life. Computer screens are you sex life. But one screen is never enough. Some of you have multiple screens set up. And you need screens within screens. You are a femdom porn addict. Your cock only gets hard when you're staring at your screen lol! This mindfuck clip is meant to intensify your addiction to your screen and your addiction to porn and the brats of HumiliationPOV. We are your sex life! You really are a loser LOL! This clip features clips from dozens of the brats of HumiliationPOV, on screens within your screen. You will be completely mesmerized as your jerk your cock to your computer screen watching screen after screen as it further indoctrinates you to the cult of HumiliationPOV. The audio has a pumping beat and features the voice of Princess Candy Glitter! She will verbally break you down and annihilate your ego as she laughs in the background.
Have you realized yet the HumiliationPOV is your sex life? You’re so fucking obsessed with the hot dominant brats on this site that you don’t even have a sex life outside of this. But it’s not like you could really have one even if you wanted to. You couldn’t go out and pick up a girl and have sex like a normal guy. You wouldn’t even want to. This is your sex life. Whenever you get horny, you log into HumiliationPOV and start pumping your stupid dick while we make fun of you. You know it’s true.You know that the hot girls on here who you stare at endlessly would never fuck you. We’d never even acknowledge you in real life. But that doesn’t stop you from humping your hand to us over and over and over again. You live to be degraded by us while you fuck your fist. Even now you can stop jerking to thinking about how true my words are, this really is your sex life. How pathetic.
You are obsessed with us and this site and I think it’s pretty fucking pathetic. Seriously you’re so fucking sad. This is how you get off. You’ve been conditioned by us and now there’s nothing you can do about it. Jerk jerk jerk loser as you stare at your screen. This is your sex life loser. You’ll take whatever you can get because women don’t fuck you, do they loser? You don’t even try to go out on dates any more, you’re addicted to HumiliationPOV. You’re jerking right now and this just proves my point.
You’re a HumiliationPOV junkie, aren’t you? So many hot bratty girls in one place, how could you resist? We’re hotter than any woman you could ever get. And only we know how to make you cum. You couldn’t even cum for normal sex. No woman in real life is even trying to make you cum. So you just sit at home in front of your computer jerking like a mindless fucking idiot with nothing else to do. It’s embarrassing the amount of time you’ve spent jerking off to this website. And now you don’t have a sex life at all outside of this.
Jerk it you stupid little HumiliationPOV addicted loser. You get hard before you even log in, just the fucking logo makes you hard, LOL! We’ve conditioned you to be so horny and mindless for us. And now you don’t have a sex life at all, you don’t even have the drive for sex any more. You’ll never have a girlfriend ever again, your hand is your fucking girlfriend. This is what you fucking deserve loser, to be alone and jerking your life away. This is what your life has come to. You are so fucking pathetic, do you realize that? You’re a pathetic jerk junkie. But if feels so fucking good that you can’t stop! We both know that. And now you’re going to cum as I degrade you because this is your sex life.

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