Roxy Cox, Goddess Lana - Schoolgirls Blackmailed into JOI and CIM - Masturbation Instruction

Added: 05-07-2021

Roxy & Lana's teacher asks them to wait back after class, looks like they are in trouble as they have been bullying their other classmates. They protest and claim to be good well behaved girls and would never do that. But the teacher has already made up his mind to expell them anyways, they claim they are telling the truth and he has no proof. He says they'll have to do something if they don't want to be kicked out of school. He asks them to touch and kiss each other and they realise they have to do it. He's being such a creep but they have to do as he asks, stripping off while he jerks off watching them. He tells them to keep going and they end up on the floor playing with their pussies while they tell him to wank it for them. Using their toys to fuck themselves until they both cum together and now he comes closer to them, right in their faces. It's your turn to cum for us sir, jerk it all over us wank it ahrder and faster till you cum in our mouths. They give more JOI, until you eventually explode in their mouths as they open wide and you spray that hot load inside and they cumswap and share your cum.

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