Mixtrix - Spaced Out Goon Loop - Brainwash

Added: 05-07-2021

You are about to take a little "trip." From the evil minds at GoonTV comes the ultimate Scifi themed edging fantasy. Goonernauts take a trip thru space on their way to bliss as they edge, Edge, EDGE to disembodied voices demanding obedience. There is only one way to TRUE BLISS and I am showing you The Way. Gooning bliss can be achieved. Keep your eye on the gooner mindfuck triggers onscreen as you float, drift, edge and SPACE OUT. Let your mind go blank as this sci fi vibe clip fucks your brain and reprograms you for edging lifestyle. You will obey and edge-it is the only way to achieve bliss and I am the only one who can show you. Headphones recommended!
This video is an EXPERIENCE. The visuals and soundtrack are space and scifi themed but the disembodied voices (with special effects) tell you to EDGE, to OBEY. I am taking you on a little trip that ends in mindless bliss. Watch space race by as I make you keep edging with this fantasy goon loop.
PRO TIP: Catch a buzz while you watch this one.
NOTE: The music and visuals give a sci-fi/space vibe. The things being SAID though are pure femdom goon encouragement. For example "put your hand on your dick" "Im guiding you to heaven" "mindlessly edging" "edge to ME, let me show you the path to heaven" "pump up, pump down" " feels so good you don't want to stop-I won't LET you stop" "edge and drift" are just a few of them. 
Words that are triggers and gooner propaganda flash onscreen: "no cumming, only edging" "full balls, empty brains" "blank mind" and so on.
This video is your new fave edging EXPERIENCE. the views of space rocket by and you feel yourself floating, drifting, gooning. This is the path to heaven and only I can show you.

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