Natashas Bedroom - Triggered By Shemales - Masturbation Instruction

Added: 06-07-2021

There's something about shemales. Big tits, pouty lips, round asses, feminine in every way...except for that tasty tranny cock hiding in their panties, so ready to creampie your mouth and pound your ass. Feel yourself harden for T-girls. Stroke for trannies in cum drenched panties. You're going to be a cock addict for chicks with dicks and tits, because SHEMALES are your new faggot trigger.
Shemales are enough to make a straight man drop to his knees and suck cock. And for a bicurous faggot-in-training? Shemales will push you right over the edge. Look at her, pointing her cum drenched cock at your mouth, as she squeezes her round tits. Do you want a taste of that girl cum? You can't deny it. Shemales annihilate your capacity for heterosexual self-control.
And her? With her sexy stockings, huge tits, and even bigger cock? Would you suck her cock? Would you?? There's not a trace of resistance left. You'd do anything for just one taste of girl cock. You are GAY FOR SHEMALES. 
**This faggot trigger training clip is mandatory for Project Faggots. With new trigger I implant, the faggot within you grows and becomes easier to snap into action. Plus, there's nothing like shemales to make you ready and willing to suck and serve (you'll see!).**

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