Humiliation POV - Mandy Marx - Mind And Ass Penetration - You Work For Me And Your Ass Is Mine (VR Version) - Anal Training

Added: 10-07-2021

Mandy Marx! (This clip has been remastered for your VR headset so you can experience the clip as if you were actually the new employee viewing it during orientation. This version will take the clip to a whole new level! This is an amazing mesmerize/mindfuck clip where Mandy will completely mindwash you. This clip is filled with audio and visual effects! Note: Start this clip at 25 seconds in, the first 25 seconds are for the preview and have not been formatted for your VR headset.) 
Welcome to your first day at Mandy Marx enterprises. I see you've filled out all of your employment paperwork so let's begin with a little orientation. Don't be nervous, every male employee starts their first day with this. I'm just going to slide this VR headset on you.
Hello and welcome, we always love when a new dedicated member joins our team. I want you to feel really comfortable here so I want you to relax and look deep into my eyes and take a deep breath. I'm going to mesmerize you. I know your eyes might want to look at my body but stare into my eyes. I know your eyes are starting to get dizzy and you're feeling a little tired but that's normal, there's a lot of excitement, your hormones are fluttering and sensations are flying. But keep your eyes open even when they get heavy. I know it's hard not to look at my outfit and it gets hard not to look at my hair and my body but right now you have one task, continue to look into my eyes. There are no tricks or traps, all we're doing is relaxing you and making you very suggestible.
Now close your eyes and take a deep breath and enjoy how easy it is to let your mind rest, how easy it is to let your eyelids fall heavy down. This is how good and relaxed you can feel every single day here at work. I want you to feel good every single day. I know that my voice can be a little hipnøtic but just continue to listen to my voice and enjoy that your workday can be so fulfilling every single day. Take another deep breath. And now exhale slowly for me. I know that you really want to see my outfit but for one more second keep those eyes closed for me. Now open your eyes and continue to breathe slowly for me even though seeing me and the sight of me in my outfit and everything around me can be overwhelming.
You're beginning to feel a gentle tingle that falls lower and lower until you start to feel that tingle in your balls, your cock and your asshole. Have you felt your prostate before? I'm gonna feel your prostate, you know that feeling. It's like stroking your under-cock below your balls, that extension of your cock. You feel that tingle going deeper. Let that throbbing, tingling sensation come over your body as I remind you why you're here. I like dedicated boys. I need dedicated boys. What is an enterprise without its dutiful employees? I need people that need to succeed and need to please. I am going to make you the best at pleasing.
How good does that tingle feel? Spreading all over your body, up your prostate. I know you came here thinking you're just going to have to lock away your cock and that must be what I do with every man. But there's so much more than that, that's just the surface, there's something so much deeper, you are more than just your cock and balls. You are your ass and your ass is mine now. There's a place deep inside you where you've always wanted to be touched. There is a deep place inside of you that you need filled. Do you want me to fill you? I really want to fulfill you as a good boss. I wanna fill you up.
You need something in your ass. Every moment it's not filled, you feel the tingle. You feel the void. You need something in your ass. You feel right when you're full, when you're used, when you're mine. Every moment you're not stuffed you're not fulfilled. You're not yourself when your ass is empty. You're not mine when your ass is empty. You're not you. You're not happy. You didn't always wear a butt plug all the time, you didn't always have something in your ass and then all of a suddenly you're running errands for me and there you are, the tingly empty assed boy. You crave it. You crave me. How long will it be until my fingers aren't enough? You need my cock. You need to be plugged. You need to be stuffed. You are not complete with yourself without it. You are not complete as a man without your ass stuffed. That tingling sensation won't stop. You crave it. You need it. You don't want to fill the void, you need to.

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