Miss Alika White - Life As My Live in Cuck Slave - Femdom Pov

Added: 12-07-2021

Let me explain the rules and daily routine of your new life as my full-time, live-in, cuckold slave.
I’ll tell you the rules of how you’ll serve me and my boyfriend. The first rule is that you won’t be able to touch your cock (well maybe once a month in a humiliating way for our amusement). I don’t want you getting distracted by pleasuring yourself. You’re here only for our pleasure. Cuck bitches don’t get pleasure.
I don’t want you getting in the way in our house, so your new home is my shed. I meant to buy a sleeping-bag for you, oops I forgot and bought a new dress instead, so you’ll have to make do with some old sheets. Hope it doesn’t get too cold. If you’re good I’ll get you a sleeping-bag for winter.
I’ll tell you about your new daily routine.
You get up at 6.30 and begin silently tidying our house. We won’t bother tidying after ourselves, so you’ll have a lot to clean. By the time we get up, the house had better look like a show home.
Then head back to your shed until we call you with our breakfast order. I get pretty horny in the morning so we’ll probably be fucking while you cook our breakfast. Once you’ve cooked it, you’ll serve us our meal in bed.
When we go for our showers, you clean the bedroom, including any discarded condoms. Sometimes we might make you clean them up in ways we find entertaining.
That’s how you’ll start your day. Get the video to find out your other rules and how you’ll be spending the rest of your days.

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