Goddexx Daphne - Hazed into CEI - Brainwash

Added: 12-07-2021

Hi. Welcome to My home!
I’m your new boss, and I’ve invited you over to My house to have a little meet-and-greet. But I have bigger plans than small talk.
I tell you to get comfortable, and then I get more comfortable Myself. I strip off My shirt slowly as your eyes widen with shock.
I stress how important obedience is, telling you to keep your eyes focused on Me even though you’re reeling with surprise. You will obey Me. This is what your new boss wants.
This was not what you thought was going to happen tonight...
I order you to unzip your pants, and begin teasing with My gorgeous tits, plump ass, and luscious hairy pits. I tell you to stroke slowly, and admire My perfect curves.
You are so excited, even though you feel like this is a trick.
I make you cum for Me, giving you a hot cum countdown, and then command you to lick up every drop of jizz you just sprayed everywhere.
I have a surprise for you now.
This is the really fun part.
Close your eyes! I pull out My strap-on, make you drop down on your knees, and then you worship My long cock, jerk My cock and finally suck My cock.
After I’m satisfied, I tell you to have fun tonight with your plain, ugly, boring little wife.
I’ll see you at the office tomorrow, bright and early.
*Custom clip, no names used.*

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