Princess Miki - CALL ME stepDADDY - Femdom Pov

Added: 13-07-2021

By Princess Miki Aoki
[Disclaimer: No, it’s not a “step-family” clip. The title is to comply with the site’s TOS.]
This was a custom clip. No names used. Read the happy customer’s glowing review:
“I'm blown away. It is the most beautiful piece of mindfuckery I have ever seen. I love the idea that You would somehow take pleasure in corrupting me. Sissification tasks from D4ddy? Omw, be still my throbbing clitty.”
Usually, you know Me as the maternal, sensual Goddess who nurtures your submissiveness through Her divine feminine energy.
Today, I’m feeling a little different. I’m channeling My masculine energy, which compels Me to conquer and destroy. You happen to be My target to satiate this desire.
That cock of yours? It’s D4ddy’s clitty now. You’re D4ddy’s little slut, and you are going to like it.
You see this rubber cock in between D4ddy’s legs, and all you want to do is suck on it. However, you know that sucking a fake, rubber cock won’t give D4ddy any pleasure. You know what will?
Watching you get gang-banged, as a slutty little sissy like you deserves.
I know it’s your dream to have your holes stretched out by multiple guys while D4ddy watches, laughs, and spits on you from above. Just reading this makes your clitty twitch.
You’re going to promise to go shopping for a pretty, pink lingerie set and a cute little wig to frame your slutty little face.
I want you to look like the prettiest, sluttiest girl for D4ddy. You either wanted to already, or D4ddy’s has done an excellent job of teaching you about what you SHOULD want. Take this seriously, because I don’t want to see any half-assed feminization. D4ddy expects the best out of Her girls.

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