Emily Valentina - MELT - Hypnotic

Added: 13-07-2021

An insanely strong EDGING MINDFUCK and exactly what you need after a stressful week! You've been dealing with so much tension and stupidity lately, so take the plunge and let go of the reigns to that exhausted mind, and feel me free you from the burden of choice. Free will? What a silly idea, when you have ME! Me, to decide how DEEP to take you. Me, to decide how long to EDGE you- to compel your hands to pump and goon, eyes glued to the screen as I pleasure myself with my toy, until you're about to pass out from the sheer sexual intensity. Me, to pull your strings, to control your body like a puppeteer, to urge your lips to whisper who it is you belong to, right down to your very soul. ME. Owned, controlled, and made stupid with pleasure, all by ME. HIGH on the intensity only I can rain down upon you. Enslaving your consciousness with the sweet, sinful sensations only I can give, the closest thing to heaven on earth.
Pumping relentlessly away at your cock, until there's nothing left- just submission. Euphoria. Obedience. Emptiness. The true essence of a slave.
Then, and only then, will you be allowed to orgasm for me. It might be hours until you cum, but this is about enjoying the ride... the pleasure of giving up total control. Letting go. How long do you think you can edge? Let's find out... together.
Contains 6D audio, direct to camera speech, layered audio, binaural tones, subliminal messaging, uncensored PINK + TOYING, edging, special effects, text, cum countdown and JOI after several loops to aid in sle ep.
Best watched in the afternoon/evening with headphones. Excellent aid for insomnia!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom Pov, Pov, Ass Worship, Asslicking, Assworship, Ass Licking, Ass Fetish, Oral Servitude, Big Butts, Strapon, Pov Strap-On, Strap-On, Strap On, Dildo, Pegging, Femdom, Gooner, Gooning, Latex, Hypno, Hypnotic, Mesmerize, Mental Domination, Hypnosis, Mind Fuck, Brainwashing, Brainwash, Brainwashed, Sensual Domination, Sexy, Erotic, Subliminal Messages, Edging Games, Joi Games, Masturbation Games, Edging Fetish

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