Madam Violet - Trojan Horse JOI - Femdom Pov

Added: 14-07-2021

As you stare at My perfect Goddess body I infiltrate your weak mind. As you stroke your desperate dick I invade the depths of your consciousness. You think you know what’s happening, but you have no idea. You think you can control the consequences of My mental invasion but you’re so wrong. You’re blind to My true power, oblivious to the danger you’re in. I’m so beautiful and sensual...where’s the harm in listening...In stroking...
Most men never see Me for the threat I am, they are so very distracted with My beautiful face, big tits, perfect very mesmerised by the way I’s an easy victory. But on some level you *know* I’m dangerous, and yet you can’t stop yourself from STROKING and you can’t stop Me from invading. Powerful metaphor will ensure your mind does what I say, accepts this for what it is - a full mind body and soul invasion, a conquering. Layered vocals layered visuals, so much soft much power....
I build you up into the perfect orgasm combined with the perfect defeat of your mind and free will. Your orgasm is just the beginning. I will continue to invade even deeper depths of your consciousness, My words digging deeper even when you’re no longer listening, Madam Violet becoming a part of every neural network, every synapse in your physical brain. You think it’s a game? This is war, and I’ve just won the battle...

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