Humiliation POV - Prrincess Cherry - MK Ultra Mind Eraser - Mindless Stroke Drone Reprogramming - Brainwash

Added: 18-07-2021

Prrincess Cherry! This clip has been created using MK Ultra mindwashing techniques. The audio and video will scramble your brain and you will be completely bråinwashed and reprogrammed. There isn't just bråinwashing, it is total mind control.
Prepare to become completely immersed in your virtual addiction. Empty that brain and focus only on me. Focus on my voice, focus on my perfection. I'm going to turn you into my mindless stroke drone. Empty your brain. No thinking. You are an empty vessel, ready to be bråinwashed. This is what you want. You think way too much, just shut down that brain and let me mindfuck you. No thinking, just stare at my body and let it hipnøtize you as my words wash over you. Your brain is already beginning to shut down. You're trapped in my goon trance, right where you belong. Edge your cock and let me take over your mind. I'm going to overload your brain with my words and my images on your screen.
You are a mindless stroke drone. It's so easy to manipulate and plant subliminal messages in the minds of brainless stroke drones. I'm going to erase your memories and reprogram you. You need to be reprogrammed. You need to be mindless. You need to be a mindless gooner. Being brainfucked by me feels so good. You want this. You need this. Feel your brain shut down even more for me. Allow yourself to sink deeper and become a mindless stroking goonbot. Keep following the rhythmic movements of my body and become more and more hipnøtized by the cadence of my voice. You are being reprogrammed. Your mind is filling up with my words and my images, pushing out all other thoughts. I am erasing your brain.
You are a stroke drone, my mindless stroke drone. It feels so good to be my stroke drone. A mindless addicted jerk junkie for Prrincess Cherry. Give up everything you once new for your new found life, your new purpose, being my mindless stroke drone. You're going to stroke to me for hours and hours. You're going to be so lost in my goon trance. I'm pulling you down deeper and deeper into my trance. Don't look away, just continue to focus on me as you mindlessly stroke your cock and allow me to reprogram you. You're spiraling down for me, the deeper you go the better it feels. Becoming more and more of a mindless stroke drone.
Your mind is completely blank as you stare and stroke your brains out to me. Feel the drool start to flow from your lips as you lose control of your body. Goon for me. The more you goon the dumber you get. And you want to be so dumb for me. The dumber you get the harder your cock gets. My body and voice are making you weaker and weaker. You are my stroking simp. You're so weak for me. You can't think any more. Just my words in your brain. You're such a good mindless slave for Prrincess Cherry. You're so fucked. Your under my control now. I control your brain, I control your cock. You are my empty vessel to bråinwash over and over again. I'm going to mindfuck you so intensely that there will be no coming back from this.
Focus on my voice. Focus on my body. You can't look away. Your brain is locked in on me. Mindlessly spiraling down for me. You're so fucked for me and you love it. You love being my stroke drone. My body hipnøtizes you as your brain melts more and more with each word that comes from my lips, my words that are being permanently planted in your empty brain. You're turning into mush for Prrincess Cherry as you mindlessly stroke over and over. It feels so fucking good. You can't stop. You don't want to stop. You want to get dumber, you want to be bråinwashed even deeper. You are in an endless, mindless trance, spiraling down and down and down. Go deeper.
You are a mindless stroke drone. A reprgrammed goonbot. There is no escape, you're in too deep. You're stuck. You can't take your hand off of your cock, just a mindless stroke drone. Your former self has been completely erased, you have no more thoughts other than my thoughts. But you need more programming, you want my programming to go even deeper, so don't stop, watch it again...

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