Mandy Flores - Girl Next Door Homewrecker - Virtual Sex

Added: 18-07-2021

You and your wife live in the apartment right next to me. I am working out in sexy clothes and listening to music really loudly. Your wife sends you over to ask me to turn it down. I start off politely and say sure no problem, and ask you to come in for a min. I would love to get to know my neighbor. You start to explain that you cant, your wife might start to get jealous and suspicious. I slyly suggest that if you just come in for a second so I can change I'll come over to your place, I would love to meet her too! You fall for my trick and come right in. You seem very nervous and I begin to work and tease you. I start slow by asking you a few questions about your marriage. I need to know what Im up against. You have no idea that I crave the homewrecker game. As soon as you walked into my door you were doomed to cheat. You admit that you have been married 25 years and your wife was the only person you have ever been with. "Holy , really?" So you must have no idea what it's like to really... fuck?" I love how I am making you uncomfortable but you cant fight that growing boner in your pants. 'You need to relax.." I turn on the music and start strip dancing for you. Before you know it your mind is completely off that fat wife of yours and in a trance watching my sexy tight body. I make you pull out your cock and you still have a little resistance but my mouth devours what will you had left and you are mine and I am winning. The game is not won yet until my cheating pray gets CAUGHT! I am making sure to be so loud and trash talking your wife until there is a knock at the door. You are paralyzed and I continue to scream in orgasm while your wife knocks at the door. 'Okay Im coming, jeez!" I get off you and answer the door completely naked. "I just finished introducing myself to your husband, come in"

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