Humiliation POV - Miss Amelia - Perverts Deserve Ruined Orgasms - Masturbation Instruction

Added: 22-07-2021

Miss Amelia! This is an amazing tease and denial jerkoff instruction clip that will have your cock twitching and throbbing all the way to a ruined orgasm LOL!
You're such a good boy, you know to come to me for jerkoff instructions. You can't resist me. I know you try to resist but you always find yourself back here. And I understand, I mean I'm young, hot, intelligent, and I know how to crawl inside your mind and make your cock throb with just my words. You are so weak for me. You can't say no to me. Whenever I tell you to do something, you simply obey. So go on and take your cock out pervert and start jerking it. I love when you have a hard cock for me, it makes you so pliable. Stroke it to my hot young body. Stroke it to my perfect tight little ass. Good boy.
It feels so good jerking for me, doesn't it? That cock you're stroking is my cock and I will decide if and when you cum and how you cum. You love it when I have all the power and you let me make all the decisions for you. And you're so obedient because you know how lucky you are to be jerking to me right now. All I'll ever be to you is a fantasy. I'm that hot young brat that comes to you only through your screen to fuck with your mind and control your horny, perverted cock.
I know your cock is throbbing as you jerk to my body and my manipulative words. Now stop jerking. Watch it twitch and throb for me. Good boy. Now start stroking again for me. Stroke it to my perfect, perky tits. Now hands off. I love fucking with your cock, making you start and stop over and over again. I know you love tease and denial. Now jerk it again, faster this time. I know you want to cum for me. Now stop. Lol. You're so worked up. You love listening to my instructions.
Start stroking again, bring yourself right to the edge and then, you're going to stop. Just let it throb. I know you want to cum so badly, you don't want to wait any longer. Each time you get so close before I make you stop. No touching, just stare at my body and let it twitch. Good boy. Now stroke it again, stroke it and think about how lucky you are to be able to jerk your cock so such a hot young brat while she gives you tease and denial jerkoff instructions.
Jerk it faster. I know you're right on the edge. Stay right on that edge. Ride it. Feel how good that feels. Now I'm going to count you down to a mind blowing orgasm. I know all of this tease and denial has your balls nice and full. You want to explode so badly. Ready? 10..3, 2, 1 Let Go Of Your Cock! Cum with no hands on your cock. Let it all dribble out. Just watch it all leak out lol. Let it spurt all over the place lol. Good boy. I love giving horny perverts like you ruined orgasms. It's what you deserve. And I know you like it too lol.

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