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Added: 22-07-2021

You know that chronic masturbation causes you to meet unrealistic standards on real women. You will never meet a woman that has followed you down the same path of wired fetishes. So, you’re making the smart decision to abandon real girls and rely only on porn. Only this way, will you be able to go deeper and deeper into increasingly fucked up fantasies. Think of it as kissing human interaction and love, good bye. Just marry your favorite porn star or online Dom. Well, it's gonna be a one-way love, but if you throw enough cash out there, you'll get the minimum amount of acknowledgement that your heart needs to survive another day of masturbating. How much simpler will everything be once you give up and resign to a life of Frozen dinners and stiff drinks as you search for my latest videos in front of your computer.
I feel so bad for you if you're in that in between state. It's as if there is hope of forgetting all the fetish porn that has permanently broken your brain. You probably still have thoughts like, maybe I'll find a girl that will be cool with it... or maybe I can date a dominatrix. It's gonna be so much easier to learn to cum to me laughing at you for dedicating your life to me... and by me, I mean watching my videos and sending me money. So, go ahead and make yourself jerk off to categories of my videos that you didn't even like before. The more accepting you are to more perverted fetishes, the happier you will be when you check my clip store. I mean if your only into smoking or foot fetish and you have to wait a week for that specific clip to come out... you'll be waiting longer to cum to my new videos. So, go ahead and let me fuck you over and get you into eating your cum for me and maybe being my cuckold.

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