Humiliation POV - Miss Tifany - Pray To My Ass With Your Wallet In Your Mouth - Findom

Added: 23-07-2021

Get down on your knees. You need to be on your best behavior because today you are going to church. You are going to be praying a lot, to my perfect ass. You are going to the church of Miss Tiffany's perfect ass. The ass you can't stop worshiping, the ass that you just can't stop jerking your cock to. The ass that completely controls your entire fucking life. The ass you're obsessed with. My ass owns you. My ass gives you purpose, a reason for living. I know you think about it all the time. I know you come home from work just to jerk to it. And my ass gives you a reason to work harder so you can spoil it.
You need to work hard for my ass so you can serve it better. You see worshiping my ass isn't just jerking to it, it's sacrificing for it. I want you on your knees, praying to my alter with your cock in your hand. My ass is your god. I am your god. You are nothing but a little fucking servant to my ass. One of many minions who worship my ass daily. And my good minions give tribute to my ass, because jerking to it does nothing for me. The only reason I let you jerk to it is because that scrambles your little weak brain and makes you more and more addicted to my ass.
Jerking to my ass only does something for you, you fucking idiot. There is only one proper way to worship my ass and that's through sacrifice. After all, my ass is your God so you must sacrifice to keep it happy. And the only that a loser like you could sacrifice to my divine ass is your cash. And you know it, you feel it. When you stare at it and worship it all you can think about is how much you need to pay it. So let go of your cock and empty your wallet for my perfect ass and show me how much you worship it.
I want you to sacrifice everything you have to my perfect ass, your true God. Every last cent you have belongs to my perfect ass just like you belong to my perfect ass. I know that just thinking about my ass excites you and gives you purpose each and every day. You've been addicted to my ass for years and your purpose is to serve my ass while you pray to it. I want you down on your knees, face to the floor, praying to my ass as your God. Do it, feel how powerful it is to bow down for my ass.
Bow to it, pray to it and send it cash because my ass has made your life better. It has given you purpose. You have no other gods except for my ass. My ass will forever own you. It will forever control you and haunt your thoughts. You're so fucking mindwashed into stroking away for my ass night after night. It's time to be useful, it's time to make sacrifices, it's time to serve your God. The one true power in your life is my perfect ass. Now put your wallet in your mouth and bow down and pray to my ass.
- Miss Tiffany! -

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