Humiliation POV - Brainless Catfish Addict - Stroke Your Brain And Your Cash Away - Masturbation instruction

Added: 23-07-2021

Catfish Findomme Callie!
You stupid findom fuckups are so fucked! Catfish Findomme Callie is so fucking hot you will not be able to resist her! Her flawless body will have you clicking away all of your cash. She will fuck your head up so bad in this clip. You won't even care that's she not real LOL! You stupid fuck! And her voice is so sexy, the audio for this clip is such a mindfuck, it will completely mindwash you. You're a catfish addict, you know that once you experience that level of humiliation, there is no going back... Get your bottle ready... (We Know that you're going to want to be clicking away during this clip. Have the HumiliationPOV clip store open while you watch this clip to pay Princess Callie. Just leave a note for her with each click, 'I am a mindless piggy for Princess Callie.')
Don't think, just listen. I control your cock, just stroke, give in and go blank. Focus on my voice and stroke your mind away. Pay me idiot. Get stupid for me. Mindless and numb. Stroke for me. Give in. Click, click. I want you to be addicted. I want you to be weak. Stroke your mind and your cash away. Oink oink piggy.
Let your mind go blank. Just mindless stroking and clicking. Jerkoff to me. Get lost in my body. Feel your addiction to me growing. Just focus on my body as you stroke your brain away. I want you on the edge, I want you to be dumb for me. Don't think, just click. Click for me. Pay me. I know you can't resist. You can't stop. Each click feels better and better. Each stroke of your cock making you dumber and dumber. Keep yourself on the edge, mindless and numb. I control your wallet, my words control your thoughts.
Keep stroking for me. I want you horny and stupid. Click again. Oink oink. Stupid pay pig. Feel my voice swirling through your consciousness making you mindless and dumb. Stupid pig. Stroke for me. Click for me. Go into debt for me. Ruin your credit for me. Don't think, just stroke your brain away. Stroke your cash away. You're such an addict for me, aren't you? All you want to do is click. Let me fuck your brain and your wallet. You know you want to. Go bråindeåd for me. Go bankrupt for me.

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