Princess Camryn - Mmmy Knows Best - Femdom Pov

Added: 23-07-2021

This is a roleplay video in a nurturing tone exploring the MØmmy-Domme role. No humiliation, only sweet encouragement and a big mindfuck/psychological domination and perverse mental training.
So you've have been hearing people online advising you to stop chronically masturbating to FemDom porn, that it’s unhealthy for you, and that you should go out and have sex instead. You love and trust MØmmy Camryn with all your heart, so MØmmy is here today to tell you that it’s a whole bunch of fake news. You see, MØmmy has been training and guiding you to jerk off as much as possible, daily because you need to get those filthy semen loads out of your system daily to be healthy. Orgasms always feel so good and you know your beautiful MØmmy will never tell you to do anything that is bad for you. It’s ok, I want you to start stroking to MØmmy now. MØmmy also wants you to know that sex is a very, very bad thing and that you should absolutely stay away from it. Listen to MØmmy and stay home with my clips instead – I know how to take care of you and I will guide you to all the sexual pleasure you need. Good boys say thank you! Enjoy this video? Send a tribute to show your gratitude and beg for more.

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