Madam Violet - PUSSYMIND PROTOCOL - Brainwash

Added: 24-07-2021

A must-have for My good boys, bitches and anyone that wants to be transformed from a mere man into a gooning, dribbling, mindless, obedient fuck-hole.
You should know by now that your mind is My pussy. More than just a powerful trance metaphor it is TRUE...and so fucking hot. Your mind is MY pussy to fuck, to penetrate, to ruin, dominate and OWN. Your brain is not for thinking it’s for fucking. It’s MY biggest sex organ.
I want you ready for Me, spread for Me, dripping for Me, cock hard, pussy-mind empty whenever I SNAP. So I will overthrow your brain, entrance your cock and initiate PUSSY-MIND PROTOCOL leaving a powerful trigger behind.
Stroke and leave the rest up to Me, reducing your brain to an empty, aching, gaping FUCK hole, filing you up with ME, spraying Myself all over the walls of your quivering pussy-mind...My good little whore.
From this moment forward with one snap and the magic words you WILL become My brainless, horny, fuck-hole, existing only FOR MY PLEASURE...begging Me helplessly to fuck you harder, to own you DEEPER anytime, anywhere, INSTANTLY.
Listen regularly for full effects.

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