Eva de Vil - Pleasing Me is Your Ecstasy - Findom

Added: 25-07-2021

[This clip features binaural whispers and moaning. Wear headphones to get the full effect.]

How did you end up here?

I remind you how your small penis and sexless relationship led you to me. You’re just a little jerker. There’s nothing special or noble about that. It’s pathetic… without me. Without me taking your hand and guiding you into the goon hole.

You can be better than that. You can be a good boy for me. You can indulge in the pure luxury of going blank and mindlessly obeying. You’re begging to be improved, begging to be pressed into the mould of the perfect slave.

There are some things you must understand.

Tributes are the currency of devotion, the tender of unrequited lust. This becomes crystal clear to you when you’re denied. The longer I deny you, the closer your desperation and your desire to please me intertwine.

You’re peripherally aware that paying me will help you earn an orgasm, but that’s not really why you’re sending. Pleasing me becomes your medium of ecstasy as I lead you into the delicious depths of denied bliss.

Being denied makes you a better slave.

You don’t deserve orgasms. In part, of course, because of your inferior and erroneous body, but mostly because you are a better slave without them, though I maintain the hope for one strung over your head as a distant reward. Motivation.

An orgasm earned is far more fulfilling than an orgasm stolen.

This is where you belong. Safe, happy and under my control. Goon, go blank and let my sensual indoctrination rewrite your mind.

[Custom clip, no name. Censored for preview.]

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