Goddess Natalie - High school reunion gone wild - Dirty Foot

Added: 01-08-2021

I used to bully you a lot back when we were in school together, and I'm really curious to see if you changed even in the slightest! Did you get more courage now, did you get a girlfriend, are you more of a man these days or still the same wimp I used to know?
The moment you entered the room, though, I could tell you were the same old dweeb that I used to know! So pathetic and so incredibly insecure! So since we were the only two people who arrived this early, I decided to ask you more about your life!
You told me that now you work in IT - typical job for a typical nerd! And after a while, I teased you a little with my feet and heels, just to see if they still make you weak. And surprise, surprise! Yes, they still do! Haha you can still be so easily teased with those feet!
It didn't take long before I had you on your hands and knees, licking and worshiping my heels, taking them off with your mouth, adoring my bare feet and begging for some more :) lol if only our other colleagues didn't interrupt us!

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