AMAZON Goddess Harley - Talking To A Dirty Shoe Bitch - Brainwash

Added: 02-08-2021

If you get excited by the shame and humiliation of your foot or shoe fetish, then this is the clip for you. Maybe the shame of your fetish is starting to wear off because you have made a little bubble of bookmarks and social media friends that tell you that foot fetish pics are cool or hot. Well how can you enjoy your fetish without the shame? Well, I am going to make you feel like the retard that you are… times 10! Your brain is fucked up… who licks a shoe? Why do you think you are afraid to tell people, because you know it’s true? You don’t even want to respectfully kiss a damsel’s foot. You want to lick toxic crud off a girl’s shoes while she looks at you with the most disgust filled attitude. I think I can make you cum harder that you have before because I am going to renew and magnify the fact that you should feel total shame for being freak sexual pervert and natures mistake.
Goddess Harley

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