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Added: 04-09-2021

So you want to know how to "serve" me? Are you writing in to me begging to find out what it takes to "be owned" by me? Not getting much response? Well maybe you should use my email address to find my wishlist first, loser!! PROVE yourself up front that you are different than all the other BSing fake "worshippers"- and then I may actually respond to your pathetic requests! (Duh!)
Watch this video and learn from what my newest slave "Canadian nail loser jeff" did. He sent me a BUNCH of stuff from my wishlist- even stuff for my BF! LOL! (He said he would do ANYTHING to serve me and he sent my man a gift to PROVE it!) He also sent me $$$ and messages showing that he understood his place in life- as a total cuck virgin LOSER for me and my boyfriend to BOTH use to make OUR lives better! Haha! Now THAT is a good, obedient, and USEFUL slave!! (Seriously- this loser is still a virgin. So serving men my man and making OUR lives better is like the best he can do since he will NEVER get a GF of his own! LOL!) And you know what happens if you are a good little loser bitch for me like this slave? This virgin loser actually gets texts and emails from me.
Watch and learn, losers. if you are a REAL SLAVE you will do ANYTHING to please me and you will prove it UP FRONT with tributes and gifts! Otherwise, do not be surprised if you get ignored. (And I DO respond to all losers that know their place and tribute me enough!)

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