Marissa Sweet - Cuck Helps Me Get Ready For Date - Cheating Wife

Added: 08-09-2021

This is a custom video and is tailored to the individual, the script reads as followed: Be the friendly brat who shows the viewer the difference between big and average, by making his average feel like a tiny cock! Have the viewer sit upright in a chair, cock out, legs tightly together with balls up above the legs, rather than down. The position with the balls above the legs robs a lot of usable penis length. Demonstrate with a dildo between your legs but only sticking out half-way. Be flustered at how awkward it is to stroke a cock that short (feels skinnier too, practically just the head!). - Comment how the viewer feels being robbed in size is how women used to large feel with average. You'll also model some panties throughout. Pastel/girly ones, ones with sayings, lacy, etc. Wear some, hold up others, show off. - Start out dressed appropriate but attractive for work, strip to bra/panties for most of the video. Have at least one panty change. End the video having put on revealing/party clothes (no bra). - However you want to hide panty change is fine. NARRATIVE You're getting ready for a long weekend away with your well-endowed fuck buddy, packing some clothes/lingerie. You know the viewer has a size queen fetish, so you talk about that, being coy about how huge your fuck buddy is, and having viewer masturbate as indicated. While you're packing, strip out of your outfit, taking the opportunity to get on your bed and show some teasing positions, and change once or twice. Mention that your fuck buddy wants to have the viewer watch, but you (Marissa) aren't sure yet about that, encourage the viewer to finish thinking about watching, while you finish dressing in a teasing manner. OTHER - Be embarrassed/coy about how turned on/soaking wet you get being submissive to the right man. Being so turned on lets you easily take a cock you couldn't otherwise take. - Visual teases should include lots of bending over (standing or doggy on bed), including pretending you are holding your cheeks open for your fuck buddy, as well as jiggling your boobs. - No direct genital nudity, but take it right up to that line in terms of teasing. - Stick to light-hearted teasing/giggling/smirking/winking about the quick cumming/friendzone/cuckold/average size, and avoid outright 'loser' or other harsh talk. Use word choices that emphasize patheticness (like 'have a cummy'. RESTRICTIONS - Avoid calling the viewer a loser outright: only tease about specific sexual deficiencies. - No Goddess worship talk, highly repetitious talk - No anal

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