Marissa Sweet - Friend Zoned SPH - Cheating Wife

Added: 09-09-2021

This is a custom video and is tailored to the individual "Mikey", the script reads as followed: We are friends and collage roommates. I am helping you get ready for a date, you should talk about how much your looking forward to your date with (a stereotypical tall, athletic, handsome, arrogant jock). During this conversation you should firmly establish my place in the friend-zone. You know that your date is an ass hole but he is your type not 'nice guys' like me. Also at some point you should thank me for "lending" you money for your date and agreeing to drive you to your date. Next scene: should be you trying on your outfit, you want my opinion on whether you think your date will like it. Could you change with your back to the camera revealing your ass in panties, please get your ass close to the camera when showing panties. when I give my approval you go on to reveal that you really hope the date goes well as its been weeks since you got fucked properly. I'm confused as you hooked up with a guy last weekend. 'oh him. he didn't quite have what it takes to satisfy me.' (giggle) I get even more flustered. You then strategically use this opportunity to ask if I will 'lend' you the money for your half of the rent this month. I agree. Finally you have your outfit on. Again it gets my approval, its then time for me to drive you to the date. but before we go you ask, since I don't have plans, would i mind tidying your room. Of course I agree. You arrive back from your VERY successful date only to find me jerking off to a pair of used panties in your room. Your initial shock and anger quickly turns to amusement as you see the size of my dick. The smallest dick you've ever seen you blurt out. Seeing my despair you apologize but your curiosity gets the better of you and you ask to measure me. I reluctantly agree. 3.5 inches you announce shocked. 'is it really that small' I ask. Because your my friend you pledge to be honest. Yes. it is that bad. no girl will be satisfied by that. the smallest you have ever had is double. please be sympathetic when saying these things, I'm on the verge of tears but you have an idea to make me feel better. You will allow me to jerk of to videos of you fucking one of your hot dates IF I agree to pay your 1/2 of the rent indefinitely. I seem unsure so you vow to convince me it's worth it. You decide to do this by giving me a live show riding your dildo. In this final scene could you give a SPH/Cuckolding JOI in the same POV as your cock riding SPH vid. (ideally with the same dildo) include talk of your date and well he fucked you/how big he was. You suspected I was small, guys like me usually are. The humiliation gradually gets more mean as you see me like it. Towards the end you should take turn the humiliation up 'no wonder your still a virgin in collage' 'best your sex life will get. I cum. feel free to get more out of the deal!

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