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Added: 16-09-2021

Custom Clip (NO NAMES MENTIONED) " Please have you and Mistress Janna wear any flat sandals (gladiator, regular or flip flops). The camera will be my wife’s POV, with your feet in her face most of the clip. My wife found out I’ve been serving and spending a lot on you 2. She told me to stop seeing you and get the money back. You had me send her to both of you by herself. Clip starts with her in front of both of you, demanding her money back. You reveal that you had me sign over everything we own to you and now she is homeless. Laughing at what you did to her, she starts to leave dejected. Before she goes 1 of you orders her to stop. Since she likes making ultimatums you have 1 of your own. She can leave and be homeless or bow to your feet and agree to be a slave to both of you. Broken she falls to her knees. You order her to kiss each one of your toes, telling her to beg for forgiveness and thank them for allowing her to forever be their sexless slave. As she starts kissing, you tell her what she must do. She must obey not only you 2, but all your Angels. She can never say no, groveling at all your girls feet. Explain how mean and bratty everyone will be to her. Ordering her around privately and publicly. No matter how bad she is treated she must obey without any attitude. If 1 Angel complains about her you’ll kick her to the streets with nothing. If one of your girls throws a glass in her face at a bar, she has to apologize kiss her feet and get her a new glass. Please be bratty and arrogant during the clip.

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