Princess Kristi - Spying on Me - Boobs Worship

Added: 20-09-2021

Mmmmm ohhh that feels so good... *thud!* Oh son! What are you doing in here? Why are you spying on me, mommy told you to go to sleep! I can't believe you are peeking on me through my door! Get to your room right now, I will be in there in a minute!.... Now son, why were you spying on mommy? Haven't I told you that you should never come to my room after I put you in bed? Sometimes mommy is doing mommy things and their son shouldn't be watching. I want to explain to you what you saw so you understand, I don't want you to think mommy is hurting or doesn't like what she was doing because she did. Doing things like that makes mommy feel good when daddy isn't around. Do you understand? Why are you being so weird right now? What is wrong with you? Oh.... I think I know what the problem is. What are you doing under your blanket? Let me see! I want to see now! Oh my.... I suspected you were doing that. So you must have understood what you saw more than I give you credit for... otherwise that wouldn't be hard... Well now, I guess you are more grown up than I thought you were. Mommy still has the urge to feel good... very good... and I can't just leave you like...this! I guess I am going to have to help you and make myself feel good before we can both go to bed. I want you to be still, mommy is going to sit on you and we are both going to feel good. Don't worry, mommy knows how to handle this... mmmmm yes, that feels really good. Mmmmm mommy feels great now but ohhh you naughty boy, did you make a mess in mommy? Don't worry, that's ok... you go to sleep and mommy is going to go clean up your little mess.... I see you in the morning sweetie!

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