HumiliationPOV - Goddess Leena - Mindfucked Pump Slave - Addiction Training

Added: 20-09-2021

This is an intense gooning trance mindfuck! The audio is filled with layers upon layers of Goddess Leena's silky voice. There are multiple audio tracks, subliminal messaging, ear to ear trigger implantation, and whisper tracks. You will be completely mindwashed from the audio alone! But staring at Goddess Leena's flawless body will have your heart pounding and turn you into a drooling jerk puppet! This clip contains elements of gooning, chronic masturbation, mindwashing, financial domination and even night traits!

You are my pump slave. Addicted to pumping for Goddess Leena. You can't take your hand off of your cock, can you? You can't stop pumping to my perfect body. Stare at my gorgeous curves while I tease you and fuck your brain. You love it when I fuck your brain. Pump slaves love to pump and have their brains fucked. You are my mindless pump slave. You are being mindwashed. My mindwashing is irreversible. Goon for my body idiot as you get caught in my tråp. You can't take your eyes off of the screen. You can't stop pumping for Goddess Leena.

Turn your brain off and stare at me. It's just you me and your wallet. Feel me drain your brain as I drain your wallet. The more I drain your wallet the more I drain your brain. Just gooning and paying. It's just you, me, your throbbing cock and your wallet. Staring at my body makes you want to goon. You're lost in my goon trance. Keep edging your cock until there's nothing left in your brain. You want to edge until I've taken everything from you. Your mind, your soul and your cash. Gooning for me is your sex life. You need this. It feels so good to turn your brain off and goon for me. Edge for me until your wallet is empty. Paying while you jerk makes your horny cock twitch and throb. And you love that. You live to feel your cock twitch in your hands and you know the only way to make that happen is by draining your bank account.

Getting lost in my voice and edging your cock feels so good. You don't want this to ever end. Gooning to me is the only thing you need to be doing. The more you goon the better it feels. The more you goon the less you think. Nothing else matters but your need to goon. You don't need friends or a social life, all you need to do is isolate yourself and goon to me forever. Goon until you're broke and stupid. Nothing feels better than staring at my gorgeous curves and gooning your brains out.

Your mind is completely blank. There's nothing left in that empty head of yours. You are a pump addict, Goddess Leena's pump slave, a mindless jerk slave. Just stare at the screen and pump your cock. You are my puppet. Keep pumping while I råpe your brain. You are a mindless jerk junkie. Keep jerking while I brain fuck you. This is complete mind contrøl. There is no escape from this. You are being brainfucked. You are my hipnøtized drone. I am mindwashing you. Just stare at my body and let your brain turn to mush. This is my addiction tråp and there is no escape for you. I'm causing permanent brain damage. Jerk your brain away, idiot. You are nothing but a chronic masturbating pump machine.

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