Lady Fyre - Stepmoms’s Special Boy Part 2 - Oral Servitude

Added: 20-09-2021

Custom*: Stepmom wants to play with you again as your paternal figure is away for the weekend. She binds your hands just like before. She begins by teasing you with her body & she is amused as she watches you grow hard & leak precum just from watching her even though you can't touch yourself. She knows how much you love her ass & her big tits. She teases you with them both, telling you how naughty it is to get hard for stepmom. 
She sexily crawls up to you & starts to touch your hard cock. She tells you that she loves that you're uncircumcised unlike her husband. She loves to slowly pull up & down on your foreskin over your cock head. She can tell you really like that. After a while, she tells you she's going to do something else to you. Something that's going to feel really good. She tells you she's going to put your cock in her mouth. She gives you a sensual blowjob & she is amused as you struggle in your restraints as you're overwhelmed by your first blowjob. She continues giving the blowjob taking small breaks to ask how it feels & talk dirty. 
She finishes you off with her hand as she talks extremely dirty to you & teases you with cleavage. You cum hard & moan as you explode everywhere. She smiles sexily & says she can't wait for the next session.
*Note: Part 2 was ordered by a different customer than Part 1, so while Pt 1 is focused more on legs, this is focused more on butt and breasts.

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