Princess Miki Aoki - Princess Miki - Goonhero Deleted Scene - Brainwash

Added: 25-09-2021

By Princess Miki Aoki

Before I begin, I suppose I should deliver rule #1 of GoonHero: wear your headphones and turn off the lights. Duh.

This clip is My first FULLY LOOP-ABLE clip. No intro or outro, so prepare yourself for a long one… a cock throbbingly, mind-shatteringly intense one… with Me.

That’s right, you’ll spend all night in this game with Me.

The images I’ve incorporated, as well as the audio, are more explicitly erotic than anything I’ve released before…

But don’t get cocky: this is all to make this game as difficult as possible for you, and as fun as possible for Me. I only do this because it satiates My desire to tease and conquer an army of drooling goon bots.

You’ll want to win, no matter how badly you THINK you want to cum.

And even when you think you aren’t paying attention, the subliminal whispers will surely convince you that orgasms are the last thing you need.

So if an orgasm is a loser’s penalty, what does a winner get?

A sexually euphoric experience that lasts for hours… spent with yours truly… an entire night of deep control and mind melting ecstasy, gooning your troubles away while getting closer to the Woman who delivers the deepest pleasure you’ve ever experienced…

So, don’t you want to win, Player 1?

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