Lady Fyre - for Your Fantasies The Final Test - Cum Swallowers

Added: 26-09-2021

You put off your appointment for months, but you finally worked up the courage to return. I know you were struggling with issues you didn't want to address, but you know as well as I do that's there's no hiding from this forever. All the while, there was this little voice in the back of your mind, telling you that you're gay. I'm glad you came back because we made so much progress last time. I'm proud of you for making the choice that will propel you into your future with honesty.
When you called my secretary to make an appointment, I booked you a special treat. I know that you've been thinking about cock since our last visit, so now you have the opportunity to stare at one. Look at this stud's muscles shine & ripple. Tell me the truth: Are you thinking about how much you'd love him to take his big, beautiful, veiny hard cock & stick it in that tight asshole of yours? It's so good when you can admit the truth to yourself.
His cum will mix with your cum all over your body, and it will feel so good. That's it. Wipe your hand up the length of your chest & lick up all the cum. Aren't you glad you worked up the courage to cum back? Now you know what beautiful pleasure you can gain from the truth.

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