Miss Alika White - Beta Discipline Training - Cheating Wife

Added: 28-09-2021

Take your eyes off the alpha side of the preview right now. That’s off-limits to betas.
Alphas get to see my doing a sexy enticing dance in my lingerie. You only get to see me fully covered up, showing you the bottom of my shoe and telling you why women aren’t interested in you.
For this entire clip, keep your eyes firmly focused on the beta side, or better yet, on the bottom of my boots. If your eyes stray over to the alpha side, you have to accept a punishment and then look straight back at the beta side.
If you can make it through the full clip without looking at the alpha side, I’ll let you cum… only while looking at the bottom of my boot of course.
You might be jealous of what alphas get but keep it up and eventually you’ll find even the bottom of my boot sexy, which will be useful because that’s as good as you’ll ever get. I’ll even explain why that’s all your allowed to see to make sure the lesson sinks in.
If you can’t make it through the whole clip, you have to keep watching it over and over until you’ve learned the discipline a beta needs to be in my presence.

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