MoneyGoddesss - Mesmerizing JOI Trance Affirmations - Face Goddess

Added: 30-09-2021

I would like to have another mindfuck bottle clip. Based on last custom clip. Similar outfit, smokey makeup and red lips. Fokus on your beautiful face and eyes. During clip, again, I have to hold my penis on the base, not allowed to stroke until allowed. Please fokus on affirmations. Coerce me to inhale and the start your eveliish affirmations demand that I say and mean every affirmation: like"moneygoddes is the only goddess" "I dedicate all orgasms only for moneygoddess" "moneygodess has power over my sex-life" etc. be creative, I like to be surprised with your affirmations. smile. the rhytm is like inhale, hold affirmation. After 20-30 seconds, is gone and you know it and you want that I ask for more aroma and more affirmations. Please play with my lust and addiction for more and more affirmations. During this session, I still hold my cock but no stroke until you allow some strokes. be devilish. you have a soft voice but you controll just everything. It might be I have not much stroking or just slow stroking in between affirmation rounds. I think you got what I am into this time. Up to you for a quick cum countdown at the end with happy end or ruined. I cant wait for your slow and sadistic face and eye worship affirmation session.

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