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Added: 02-10-2021

You know I am your perfect, flawless American addiction! You guys go crazy for my perfect face, my perfect natural tits, my perfect tight body and Goddess bubble booty!! Seriously I cannot even think of how many times guys or girls asked if I was human! I Love to MIND FUCK you, I can't help it, it happens everywhere I go. I'm showing off my body and my Adorable outfit, because of course I had to be the cutest at my 4th of July goddess BBQ! And as the fireworks start to go off, I remind you that they are all for me, because after all this is my birthday week & I was told all my life that the fireworks all over USA were for me!! You know I am all you think about, my bedroom filled with wishlist gifts proves that. I do not even have to remind you it's my birthday LMAO! And what about that UGLY wife of your's lol? Yes I LOVE calling her AS SHE IS! There is no better in this world then Mistress Taylor All natural perfect goddess, you try to fight your craving But you can't! It's never going to happen. You just keep saving your pennies so you can fly in for a dom session with me, because you will NEVER see a hotter girl in your life. We both know it's the truth, and as you watch me rub pure seduction all over my body in prep for my BBQ I KNOW you will be watching this clip over and over. Don't worry there's over 70k guys doing the same thing right now, my beauty lures you into my trap & you are MINDFUCKED for life. A virtual Mistress Taylor slave. Just be happy I'm finally letting my clips go public As I feel like it., But between each of them my Taylor's Angel clips will have to suffice, because I like to see you SUFFER & withdrawal for an addiction so many of you will NEVER be able to afford LOL! While I live the life of luxury because I was born perfect. Your PERFECT American addiction!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom Pov, Pov, Lotion/Oil Fetish, Blackmail & Findom, Financial Domination, Findom, Goddess Worship, Body Worship, Short Shorts, Goddess Taylor Knight

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