MoneyGoddesss - Most Powerfull Legs - High Foot

Added: 05-10-2021

A detective has been investigating a rash of men who have been found with their bodies cr*shed and broken. Some have gone missing. He has followed clues which lead him to you. Little does he know, it's a tr*p that you have set for him. You sensually welcome him and inform him that he belongs to you now. You're the one responsible for the missing men. With him as your possession, nothing will stop you from c*pturing all the men you wish. You show him how this was possible by crossing your gorgeous legs. He feels as if your legs around his waist. This is because you have telekinetic powers which enable you to physically cr*sh him with your mind. You squeeze your legs tighter, cr*shing him slowly. Your legs look beautiful as you cross them and it weakens his will to resist you. Soon he will be yours body and soul. As you cr*sh him you tell him to submit, that he's yours, he belongs to you and there's no escape. Once you've broken him, you stand up slowly and walk up to him. You lips are so close to him. . You kiss him possessively. "you're Mine". You lick his face. “You belong to me”. Blackout. Could I, respectfully, request similar heels as last clip and full length dark sheer hose, please? No harsh language or humiliation, please. Sensual control. Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you again, Goddess

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