Humiliation POV - Alix Lynx - Sissy Gooning - Stuff Your Holes Until Your Mind Goes Blank - Anal Training

Added: 06-10-2021

Alix Lynx!
Hey sissy, get ready for an intense experience. I'm going to teach you how to goon like a sissy. But first, every good sissy needs to have on panties or any other feminine clothes that make you feel slutty. I know you want to look sexy and girly just like I do lol. I am a porn star after all and I know you'd love to look like a hot bimbo porn star like I do lol. Getting all dressed up will put you in the perfect state of mind for us to begin. Part of gooning is mental and your sissy clothes will begin to take your head to that special place it needs to go to. Next you're going to need a vibrator and a dildo to truly get into your sissy goon.
Now I want you to turn on that vibrator and gently work it in your ass. Having something in your ass is essential for sissy gooning, but the vibrations will take it to a whole new level and drop your mind down even deeper. Pump your ass sissy, push it in and out and feel those vibrations in your ass, feel them on your prostate, and feel even your cock vibrate. Oh yes, this is going to fuck you up lol! That feels so intense, doesn't it? And while you're doing that, I want you to take that dildo and put it in your mouth. Every good sissy should have all of his holes stuffed. This too will intensify your sissy goon experience. The goal is to have so many different stimulations going on at the same time that you become completely lost in gooning.
This is how a sissy should be, dressed up with both holes stuffed. The feeling is euphoric. I want you in a deep state of gooning trance so as you fuck your holes, I want you to gently edge your sissy cock. Do you feel it? You're slipping into that goon state, deeper than you ever have before. There is so much stimulation going on that you are completely lost. You can't talk, you can't think, all you can do is feel the pleasure in your ass and in your cock while your mind goes blank. Good sissies are blank sissies. What you're experiencing right now, that's called sissy gooning. And once you experience sissy gooning, you'll never be able to go back. No other experience will ever compare.
Push that vibrator in deeper and fuck yourself faster, that will push you down even deeper into the goon state. I want your holes stuffed and your brain empty. Feeling nothing but pleasure. Lose your mind, lose all control, become the sissy you were meant to be. Suck that dildo like it's a cock. Sissies need to be able to take it in both holes at once. You feel so slutty and you love every second of it. Goon hard for me, sissy. You love this, don't you? Increase the speed of the vibrator, feel how intense that is, feel how increasing the speed takes you even deeper into your sissy goon.
You're gooning so hard like the slutty sissy that you are. I told you this was going to be intense lol. You don't even know where you are right now. You're completely lost in the pleasure. Goon as you slide those toys in and out of your fuck holes. I know what sissy sluts like you need more than anyone. I love seeing you filled and I know personally how intense that experience is. Ride that edge, goon, I know that vibrator has you right on the edge. But don't cum, just goon. Fill those holes up and goon hard like a sissy. You can't even speak, you are paralyzed with pleasure.
Do you want to cum, sissy? Fuck yourself harder, bring yourself to the edge. Faster, harder. Good sissy. I'm going to bring you to the most intense orgasm of your life, you naughty, slutty sissy.

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