Dirty Demi - My BFF is a Sissy Cuck - Financial Domination

Added: 09-10-2021

In this video I wake you (Conor, my best friend and flat mate) up by stumbling into your bedroom after a heavy night of fucking all of my bulls! I’m still a little tipsy from all the fun I’ve had and I tell you I know that you’ve been watching me have sex with my bulls when I bring them over to our flat… I’ve seen you stroking yourself through the crack in the door but I just carried on fucking my bulls knowing you were there! It’s obvious that you’ve been dying to fuck me so I’m going to let you! You get your cock out and I giggle a little about how much smaller it is than my bulls but I slide onto it regardless. I start moaning about how amazing you feel but it’s too much… you can tell I’m faking it , mid moan I just can’t do it anymore and I tell you I can barely feel anything! I tell you how I’d thought you were into me because of the bull situation and as I soon as I mention the bulls I feel your dick twitch?! I laugh and carry on talking but it happens again when I mention the bulls! Did I misinterpret what you were into? I thought you were watching me get fucked and imagining it was you fucking me… but maybe you were watching me getting fucked by my bulls and imagining you were getting fucked by them?!! Your dick continues to swell up and I laugh calling you a shrimp dick sissy cuck bitch! I decide I’m going to teach you how to service my bulls, I begin by sucking and deepthroating my dildo and passing it to you. I give you strict instructions on how to suck it and we play with me demonstrating and then you copying. Your dick leaks a little precum and I tell you to wipe it onto the dildo and suck it off like you're tasting one of my bulls! Then I move on to anal, I’m going to use a toy but you’re going to take my dildo up your ass! I tell you that one of the most important parts of servicing bulls is showing them how much you loooooove how their cock feels inside you so you need to start doing girly sissy moans while you take them up your ass okay? The more cliche and humiliating the moan the better! Then I tell you to start getting ready for a self facial, I’ll demonstrate what position you need to get into don’t worry. You cum and I lean over you, wiping up any bits of cum you missed and feeding them to you, praising you for being such a good sissy bitch. You’ve really impressed me so I decide you’re ready for a special sissy cuck task… I still have a tonne of cum left in me from my night of fucking my bulls… I’m going to push it out of my pussy and you’re going to swallow it! You seem a little reluctant so I tell you I’ll help you… we can do some snowballing. You catch the cum from my pussy and put it into your mouth, I lean in and kiss you and you pass the cum to me in my mouth, you watch it dribbling down my chin as I try to tell you that when I pass it back you have to swallow! I lean in to kiss you again and you take the cum in your mouth but chicken out and pass it back to my mouth! I’m angry but I can’t talk as my mouth is full of the precious cum! I grumble and lean in again, pushing the cum into your mouth.. This time you swallow and I’m so proud! I tell you what a good boy you are and how proud I am of my best friend before I switch back into bratty mode and reveal that I’ve had an idea. This new found hobby of yours could be quite beneficial to us…. I’m going to start sourcing clients and you’re going to start sucking cock for money! How does that sound? You’ll get to practice your sissy cock sucking skills aaaand we’ll be able to get some nice things for our flat with the extra money! What do you say? 1080p quality, available to stream or download and keep forever! I hope you have as much fun watching as I did recording! Xx

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