Sarah DiAvola - Ramadan Week 2 Wear Panties for Allah - Verbal Humiliation

Added: 05-11-2021

I suggest you get caught up on these tasks, because you didn't have them the first week! This will be a great opportunity to double up on your sexual assault on your so-called "god." Let's fuck your religion together, shall W/we? Step 2: shaming yourself by dressing in Women's clothing. The true Goddess knows that this rule is more disgusting than anything I could make you do. It shows how afraid allah is of Women - They scare him so bad, he Coerces you to forget the fact that Women are far superior. What a little bitch allah is. What a little bitch! I want you to dress like a little bitch - you could never ever be worthy of being a Woman, but you will make a fine little bitch. They're red, too! How perfect. Slutty and disrespectful.
Put these teeny panties on over your hairy mounds of nasty flesh and shove your rolls and fur in there. Ugh. Now, I'm going to give you a religious lecture that will have you trembling with reverence for Me. I'm going to rip your garbage religion and your pussy cult leader to shreds. I will make allah cry and beg Me for mercy, while taunting and laughing at you for prancing around in sexy little red panties, from MY command. Humiliate yourself for Me, to show your dedication. Commit unholy and unforgivable sins right in front of your bitch-ass fake god. I see you both as little ants, and nothing more. I. Am. God.
Now, prance and dance for Me. Wiggle. Look sexy. Look like a slutty little muslim girl. Let allah watch you fag yourself out for the One True Goddess - a WOMAN.

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