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Added: 21-11-2021

BEWARE ! This is CBT for experienced pain slaves.
You have no balls. You know that ! Those two little eggs between your legs are some useless accessories ! So I am going to help you and instruct you to cut them off ! Yeah you hear that right !
You WILL do it for me ! You will do it because your Queen says so ! Shttt you whiny bitch ! You will thank me later! Just look at my hot latex skirt and top, the perfect boots: everything looks so damn amazing on my perfect body.
There needs some preparation to be done before we get rid of them. Grab some strong alchool (tequila, whiskey whatever), a hammer, some very sharp scissors and a phone with 911 on speed dial.
Yes, this is going to be extreme, this is CBT for experienced slaves. Beware bitch. This is for pain sluts that got so addicted that need the rush of something extremely painfull !
Make sure the phone with 911 on speed dial is close. Firstly we will make an omlette out of those pretty eggs, get them numb and than get to business ! (I actually use a boilled egg as an prop to show you exactly how is done)
Just follow my instructions exactly and everything will be fine.
Are you ready to become ball-less ?

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