Humiliation POV - Mandy Marx - Cocksucker Or Debt Contract

Added: 21-11-2021

I have a bank account. I have plenty of information about you. And I have a very creative lawyer. So tell me, isn't it already obvious? I already have you. Cocksucker or debt contract boy?
I can make it completely legit. I already have. Don't you remember going over it together? I know it gets all hazy when you're cock starts getting hard, it's kinda hard to think about details. Do you ever read the fine print? When you're jerking off I don't think so. I already know that you want to suck my cock and I know that the idea of being in debt for me, is hot to you. It's still scary, it really can ruin your life. But that's the fun part, I have that power.
Let me just remind you what it felt like and how we came to the agreement that a contract was a good idea. I had so much fun with your wife on our girls weekend. Watching her suck and fuck. So much fun that I wanted to watch you do it too. Not just show you videos of her getting fucked, I wanna twist it, I wanna turn you into a little cocksucker. You need to be ready to get down on your knees for whoever I want, whenever I want.
If I tell you to go into a dirty bathroom stall and suck my cock, you're going to do it, in public. You, on your knees, getting throat fucked, whenever I say. Let me tell you what's going to happen next because you don't have a choice. You are in a contract with me. You will continue to suck cock whenever I want or you will go into debt for me. Do you understand? You are in a cocksucking or debt contract.
The next thing that's going to happen is you're going to start getting text messages from me. They will tell you where to go, you will knock on the door and follow my directions. You're going to lose complete control of your body. Less willing this time. You don't get to decide any more. You're going to do what I want with you or I'm going to put you into debt. I know how to twist the knife once it's in. I'm going to drain you. So get down on your knees and get ready to follow every instruction I give you.
You're going to suck every cock I tell you to wherever I tell you to. Your wife could really take cock so I expect you to take cock just as hard. Do you remember the video I showed you of your wife getting pounded from behind? That's going to be you. And if you ever say no, I'll get a message and I'll know immediately and that's when the charges are going to start to go through. And I think when the charges start to go through on your card, you're going to know to get back down on your knees and start taking it again.
And as much as you might feel shame and humiliation, your dick is still going to be rock hard. And you just took his cock even deeper down your throat. Your wife took load after load so I know that you can do that too. And you could stop at any time. All you have to do is say 'no'. And then you'd here the dings on your phone as my credit card charges on your card go through one after the other. You get fucked from behind and in front, or, you go into debt for me. The choice is yours.
- Mandy Marx! -

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