Humiliation POV - Princess Ellie Idol - Degrade Yourself For Me Idiot

Added: 22-11-2021

- Princess Ellie! -
You know you love Princess Ellie, you fucking adore her. And you love performing humiliating tasks for her and you can't wait to see what she has in mind for you! This clip is filled with humiliating tasks that will have your cock twitching! (We're not going to reveal them in the description, it'll be more fun that way, you won't know what's coming next lol!) You'll feel so degraded but your cock will be so fucking hard. Your cock is going to love this! This clip is Very degrading! )Hint: One of the tasks will involve some anal play and then when you're done with that she's going to have you do something really degrading lol!)
'Do you know what I think? I think you're an ugly loser. I know, I'm such a bitch. But you like it, don't you? Yea you love bitchy, bratty girls who are smokin' hot and make you feel so degraded. You love the embarrassment you feel when you're told the truth. So why don't you embarrass yourself a little further for me? Today I want you to really make a fool out of yourself. I want you looking pathetic and dumb. I want you to feel more degraded than you ever have. You're just my little play thing, you'll do anything I ask. If you can't give me any kind of sexual pleasure, then you need to make me laugh.
No one will fuck you, I certainly wouldn't. But you're definitely slave material. You're going to look so ridiculous performing the tasks I have for you today. I want to see just how pathetic you are for me. You'll do anything to humiliate yourself and entertain me because you have nothing else to offer. Click play loser, you're going to love this!'

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