Empress Mika - Locked in Chastity and Teased Like Crazy - Goddess Worship

Added: 22-11-2021

I love seeing you all locked up in chastity, straining against your tiny little cage, as I sit here in My sexiest lingerie thinking of all the ways I can torment you. It really is so much fun for Me to tease you like crazy without having to worry about you getting any real pleasure from it. You must be aching with desperation as you watch Me show off My perfect Empress body. Just look at My slender legs, My tight little ass and My perfect tits. Worship the pussy you will never have and thank Me for the honor of indefinite denial. Everything about Me is perfection and I want you to agonize over how sexy I am. More importantly, I want you to thank Me for locking you in chastity. Accept it, you know you would never be allowed to worship Me in this way if you were not locked away. You truly are the luckiest little chastity slave and, if you behave, I might even grant you release...assuming you are able to cum in your cage.

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