Moneygoddessscc - Step Daddy Mindfuck 2 - Latex Dress

Added: 23-11-2021

You are my and wear a Sexy Skirt with Nylons and Heels. I came to because i am a Porn Addict and my step-daughter see me how I watch Step-Daddy Step-Daughter Porn and send me to you. You tell me you can Help me and beginn your Therapy. You give me a Bottle and tell me this is Medicine that help me. You talk me to Sniff and Play with your legs, dangle and crosse your legs. You see i am going dizzy and horny for your legs. You give me the Trigger to sniff every time you Cross your Legs. You say thats good and normal to jerk to Step-Daddy Step-Daughter porn and let me Jerk if you dangle and sniff if you crossing your legs. You make me more Blank, more Horny and beginn to call me Step-Daddy and tell me that you are my step-daughter, i am so horny and brainwashed that I belive you and I have to beg to cum for your Daugther and you let me Cum. Now you wear a latex outfite with your legs in latex (like in Dangling in Extreme Heels) and tell me that good daddys have to work in daughters Brothel. You make me Sniff with your crossed legs and give me a new trigger, I have to sniff too if you say the word Step-Daddy. You say I have to fuck horny houswifes that pay for that. You bring a houswiife in the romm and let her ride me (in my Fantasy) I have to wath allways on you and your legs and you tell me how she fuck me(your step-daddy) and make me sniff to be obidient, at last you let me Cum. The last 5 min. you wear lingery and sneaker (if you have overknees) tell me what a good step-daddy i am, make me sniff and cum

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