Humiliation POV - Goddess Valora - Alpha Man Fucks Your Dream Girl And Holds Your Key

Added: 25-11-2021

Goddess Valora!

Oh look, it's my little chastity slave, all locked up. Do these keys look familiar? Well they should, although it has been awhile so maybe you forgot what they look like. So let me dangle them in front of you to tease you. I love what these keys symbolize, power and what a fucked up loser you are. You're so lucky to have a woman like me take the time to lock you up and I think you need to be reminded just why you're in chastity.

I mean part of you does it because you're into it and it turns you on, which is fucked up in and of itself. But the real reason you're in chastity is because you have a little dick and you're a chronic masturbator and you need this. You know it and I know it. And no woman wants to fuck that little dick and you shouldn't be wasting your whole life masturbating. You have no use for that little dick so it needs to be locked away.

And since your dick is useless, I have to derive some pleasure from it and while I do get some pleasure from holding your key, I think we can make this a little bit more fun for me and more humiliating for you. So I'm going to fuck my boyfriend, a man that I respect, unlike you, while I wear your key around my neck and you sit at home all alone, unable to jerk your little dick. But that's not humiliating enough for you, is it? No, that just makes you hornier. So I had a thought, I should just give my boyfriend your key.

I don't think you have enough interaction with him, but that's about to change. Because your keys are going to be with him and who knows where he'll put them. Knowing him he'll stick them somewhere and forget where he put them lol. So if you want these keys back, then you're going to have to ask him because I'm not holding them any more. So if you ask me, I truly won't know where they're at. When and if you ever get them back is totally up to him. And he is the Alpha, why shouldn't he have your keys?

Most guys might be annoyed by this, but not you, no, you're bulging out of your chastity cage right now. You're turned on by serving an alpha couple as a caged cuck while the alpha holds your key. You're becoming the ultimate cuck because not only is another man fucking your dream woman, but that man also has your keys. So if you ever wanna get out, you have to ask my boyfriend for your chastity keys back and see what he decides.

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