Eva de Vil - Cruel Cuckolding - Eat His Load

Added: 26-11-2021

It turns me on to think about how much better he is than you. I love imagining you feeling jealous and inferior.

It gives me that delicious evil feeling and I just want to smirk in your face. I want to look down on you with him and have you shrink on your knees into nothing.

He's better than you in every way and he fucks me so good. I could barely feel your tiny dick inside me. How does it feel knowing that you used to be my boyfriend but I’ve done nothing but upgrade my lovers since you? Each boyfriend is more and more superior. How embarrassing for you, knowing that I’m comparing you to all of them.

He wears Magnum condoms. I want to make you wear one to show you how loose it is on your pathetic, little cock while it stretches impressively over his. Stroke yourself into that condom while he fucks me. I'm gonna mix his load with yours and feed it to you. You have to swallow your failure and show respect to his superiority.

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