Humiliation POV - Princess Cin - Gooner Mindfuckery - Mind Eraser And Brain Reprogramming

Added: 26-11-2021

Princess Cin!

Oh my fucking god, just look at you, the way you stare at my body, mouth open, drooling, as you goon to the site of my perfect body and my gorgeous face. You're so fucked for me. This body gets you so fucking weak, doesn't it? I mean it's just so hard to control yourself when you look at it. This ass just destroys all of your brain cells the second you lay eyes on it. It turns you into an absolute fucking mess for me. It's only natural to be in a deep state of mindfuckery to this body. It mesmerizes you. And while you sit in front of your screen and worship me, you find yourself with your hand going up and down up down, you just can't escape me, you can't escape your addiction to me and your addition to humping your hand to my perfection on your screen.

Stare at me, stare at my body. My ass controls you and each stroke up and down that cock, brings you closer to your purpose. Belonging to me, being a good boy for this divine body that you worship so much. Keep staring, keep gooning and let my ass send you spiraling downward into a deep gooning state. My body makes it impossible to think of anything or anyone else other than perfect Goddess as you are in this state of jerkoff trance. Just look at you go, up and down and up and down. I make you want to corrupt your mind. My body has so much power over men like you. It's so very powerful and you just can't escape all the naughty thoughts that my body infuses into your mind. As a matter of fact, it only makes you want to go deeper and deeper down the goon hole.

Each dirty fantasy that enters your brain as you stare at my body makes you weaker and weaker. Each degrading task that my body manipulates you to do, makes it crystal clear that you have absolutely no control over yourself when you look at me. And why would you? This body shuts your mind down, it makes you want to think less and jerk more. Think less and jerk more. That mind just goes on autopilot, ready to consume whatever it is that I choose to program into it. And you my weak boy, your hand is automatically jerking and milking that cock. Your mind just shuts off for me to take fucking control. Don't you love seeing how much power my body holds over your mind and cock? To see how deep that deep that state of trance consumes you the moment you press play and allow Princess Cin to take control.

Your mind and cock belong to this body. I want you to say it while you jerk to me, 'My mind and cock belong to your body, Princess.' LOL that's right, and that will never fucking change. Jerk to it, goon to it, destroy yourself to my perfect body. That's all you really want, isn't it? It is. All you want is to be mindfucked by me. All you want is to worship my body. You want to get down on your knees and worship me like I deserve. You're so weak, you can feel yourself getting even weaker. Girls like me turn men like you into mindless little jerk zombies. But you fucking love it. Feeling so powerless to my control, to my power, to my body, knowing that it can fuck you up forever. You know that repeated jerking to me will make it impossible for you to get hard any other way. And that's what I want. I want you totally fucked for me.

The moment I entered the equation, every bit of common sense just leaves your mind. You need me to think for you. I am all your cock and your mind ever want to consume. And you're nothing but a slave to me and that weak, desperate cock that you can't seem to take control over. You're an eternal mess for this body. Always fucked, always mesmerized, always manipulated into consuming me. And you fucking love it, don't you my weak little jerkaholic? Addictions this severe, they never have a cure. The only thing left for you to do is to goon and keep consuming the power of my body as you go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole and being so very thankful for every moment that a weak boy like you gets to spend jerking to a divine being like me. Your life will be consumed by gooning to me, you won't ever be able to stop.

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