Lisa Jordan - Caught in my web - Ass Worship

Added: 02-12-2021

Hello Goddess Lisa Jordan. I know you don’t remember me, but I’m your police piggy who asked you to make an ass worship video (pull over that ass too phat). So of course you know that I couldn’t stay away too long. The custom you did for me literally hooked me for good. I mean honestly, it was supposed to be a one time thing but I just can’t stay away now. So I was wondering if you could do another ass worship video for me only this time I would like for you to boast and brag about how addicted you’ve gotten me. Tell me how you knew that the last custom video was going to hook me permanently. Mention how I believed that I could just enjoy the video and move on, but I was sorely wrong about that. Tell me how it’s not a coincidence that just when I think I can stop, you make another video that I just can not resist. Also tell me that it absolutely makes you wet knowing that you’ve ruined my sex life with my wife. You love the fact that I desire you wayyyy more than I’d ever desire her. And please if you could I’d love for you to wear the same outfit you wore in “Making you dumber.” Anything beyond this is completely up to you Goddess. Thanks in advance Goddess Lisa

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