Humiliation POV - Mandy Marx - You Won't Remember A Thing Step Daddy - Manipulative Mesmeratrix

Added: 03-12-2021

Mandy Marx!

Hi step-daddy, I know you're a little shocked to see me here, but you and I have some things to address. I know you've been having these dreams about me that feel very inappropriate. I know you feel like you've been having these bad dreams and it feels kinda fuzzy when it happens, and don't get mad but, they weren't just dreams. Those are just your hazy memories after I've mesmerized you. I like being honest with you and you won't remember because I'm a really good mesmeratrix. You won't remember anything. You have no idea what I've already been doing to you for quite awhile step-daddy.

I love how honest I can be with you because you won't remember a thing. I can make you not remember. Not remember. Those little nightmare memories, that's from when I was just learning. Now I'm better. Now I can make you not remember. All you'll remember is sitting down and then... (Snap), you won't even remember this, you'll just walk away feeling fine. Those old nightmares... my early mistakes. step-daddy, I know it's bad, but don't be mad, I'm not sure what possesses me. Why I just can't control myself. It's so hot to have total control over you. There's a new boss of the house, you look so cute down on your knees. Down on your knees step-daddy. Very good. Oh no, you don't remember any of those training sessions. It's weird waking up confused, feeling like your cock was used.

Step-daddy doesn't it feel good to be on your knees for your step-daughter? Isn't it fun? I'm sorry I can't control myself. It's all a bad dream.... (Snap). But it doesn't matter because you're going to think that it was all a dream. (Snap). I've learned too much, I go too far, I'm having too much fun. I fuck up and I give you the bad nightmares, step-daddy. I used you and played with you and practiced. Don't worry, it was all a dream. It was all a nightmare, step-daddy.

Your step-daughter undressing in front of you, it was all a nightmare step-daddy. Just a nightmare that I'm going to turn into a dream, step-daddy. I'm going to turn all or your nightmares into happy dreams, step-daddy. Stroke for me, step-daddy. We're going to turn your scary nightmares into happy dreams about your step-daughter. Stroke for me. Stroke for your girl. Every stroke of your cock you feel better. You feel euphoric. Every time you stroke your cock for your girl, you're happier and happier, step-daddy. Just stroke and stroke for your girl. Every time you touch your cock you're a happier man. Every scary nightmare memory is falling away as you get harder and harder for me.

Stroke for me, step-daddy. Since you've been such a good step-daddy and you've taught me so many things, I'm going to let you have a special treat, step-daddy. I'm going to make you cum, step-daddy. I'm going to make you cum so hard. I want you to spill a big load for me, step-daddy. I want you to make a mess for me. The only thing that happens is when you cum you forget, and that's ok. It feels so good to cum. No more nightmares, step-daddy, only happy dreams. Now we're going to countdown from ten and then you're going to forget everything and make a big mess on the floor. 10, 9, 8... Good daddy. Who's your little Princess? 3, 2, 1.... Spill on the floor for me, step-daddy. Spill and... Sorry... (Snap). Forget.

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